Let’s Take the Train!

Trains — powerful feats of engineering, hurtling at death-defying speeds down rails of steel once forged in intense heat. The railway connected the world, allowing travel like never before. It seems only fitting to dress up in your smartest garb before embarking on such a momentous adventure!

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We began with a smart, doll-sized wool plaid. It’s mostly a serene gray-brown, but there are occasional threads of color laced in. We decided to accent the orange in this plaid, and added a shiny, orange, cotton/silk blend sateen to the equation. To make sure this was a dress like no other, we made nearly everything about this dress — from the decorative button placket down the front, to the petal sleeves, to the bow in the back — asymmetric! The result, however, is unmistakably smart.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Take the Train!

  1. Do you only make 4 copy’s of each dress or can you make more because everything seems to be sold out and I like a lot of these outfits but it seems like everything is sold out though

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