During one of our initial brainstorm sessions, I sketched a dress with a crisp, white collar. I loved it almost as soon as I’d finished the sketch, and thought for certain that it’d end up in the collection. However, as plans shifted around, I eventually had to cut it from the line. I was sad, but at the same time excited for the other dresses.

As I went along, however, it became clear that one of the other dresses just wasn’t going to work. So, back in went this dress! I wasn’t sure what fabric to use for it, so I went through my stash and found a little bit of stretch velvet in just the right shade of blue. It was a great start, but definitely not enough to make four dresses. And, since velvet is really more for evening wear anyway, I decided to use it as an accent and build the dress out of differently textured shades of navy blue.

Later on that week, at the store, I went searching for navy blue fabrics with interesting texture. I found the main base fabric rather quickly — it’s an intriguing and understated weave, with dusty blue and black streaks intermingling throughout. It looks great from a distance but also holds up well to closer inspection.

The skirt fabric posed a rather more difficult issue. I’d been hoping to find something like a taffeta — crisp and shiny seemed the best contrast to the other two fabrics. Sadly, none of the taffetas were quite right. Then I thought to use silk duppioni; it’s still crisp, but it has more of a matte finish than a glossy one. And the little slubs in the fabric are always so beautiful — and did I mention they have great texture?

When it came time to name the dress, I hardly had to think at all. I’d built the dress in various stages, with the whole purpose of using different textures. Architexture — hats off to a great dress!


2 thoughts on “Architexture

  1. I really wanted this dress too! Oh who am I kidding? I wanted all of them! It was so original and I look forward to your future collections!

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