the Ties that Bind

Often, magical fabrics sit quietly in the cupboard, waiting patiently until I figure out exactly how to use them. That’s definitely the case with this silk — when I bought it almost two years ago, I knew it would be a great dress someday. But I just didn’t know how long it would take until the right moment came.

Of course, I loved nearly everything about the print. The way it combines round and square elements; the blend of colors; the smaller, doll-appropriate scale; and lastly (but perhaps most importantly) the way it reminded me of a man’s necktie! Making a dress out of necktie silk would definitely take ‘menswear inspired’ to a new level!

At the time, however, we were probably working on our upcoming spring collection — and in no way was this fabric appropriate for spring wear! Especially since the spring line that year featured mostly pastels, and this silk was a glorious blend of warm, dark tones with pops of white. It didn’t fit in the next fall collection, either… and so it continued to sit quietly in the cupboard, waiting for its moment to shine.

I kept thinking about it, though. Every time I’d go into the fabric stash for something or other, I’d see it again and remember how much I loved it! So when it came time to design “Coherent”, I thought of it right away — I had no other plans for the collection yet, and this fabric promised to give me the jumping-off point and structure I needed.

After that, the rest was history. Designing, cutting, stitching, finishing…. well, you can see for yourself how cute it turned out (down to a little tie around the waist!) and how much we love it! Sometimes, it’s worth waiting for just the right moment to use an enchanting fabric.


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