I had a good bit of cream lace hanging about and asking if it could do something useful. Of course I wanted to give it a job, since it was so very pretty and had come all the way from France (I’d bought it at Sew Expo from the French Cotton Laces booth. So many beautiful things in that little stall!) And when I realized that I had some burgundy wool jersey to make up, I thought, why not? After all, they looked very well together.

I sketched up a little pleated dress, with enough of a yoke to give the lace a good chance to sing. Then I drew a few rows of lace on the sleeves and the skirt. I mocked it up, and we were off!

So far, so good. But trouble was brewing — the wool jersey did not take kindly to being cut! Any cut edges curled dreadfully with even very slight handling. The little cut pieces also didn’t respond well to steam. I knew there was no way I could manhandle these all these persnickety little pieces into a successful dress without some help.

Flatlining seemed the best answer. I cut some base pieces out of a cheerful, stable fabric (it has polka dots tastefully woven in!) and promptly proceeded to pleat and stitch the wool jersey to this stable backing layer. With some gentle coaxing and a bit of patience, the wool submitted to its new partner. Success!

After that, the rest was fairly straightforward. When we’d finished all the stitching, Melody immediately put on one of the new dresses. She says it’s her favorite of the whole collection. We hope you’ll enjoy wearing this delightful, international combination as much as she does =)


7 thoughts on “Transcontinental

  1. This was my dream dress from this collection! Again might I say as I said in Daydream your photography is Amazing! Oh and don’t forget creative! Also what camera do you use? To bad I took my dog outside and when I came back they were all sold out!

  2. What number is JLY sorry I don’t use MAG. Anyways what number is Melody? She is so beautiful! Thanks hope you answer soon! ALso again love the dress!

    • Hello Hallie,
      So glad you like the dress =) Sadly, however, we don’t know what number Melody is!
      Melinda and Melody

      • Thanks anyways! And for answering quickly! You should win an award! For speedy replies and… The Dresses of course!

  3. Oh yeah I have a question. Do you know what year you got Melody? So if I knew maybe I could go on American Girl Doll’s website and hopefully *crosses fingers* find a twin of her. So again thanks for answering me and I hope you answer back soon!

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