She was all set to leave for the day – but I made her run through the list one last time anyway. Wallet – check. Phone – check. Library books – check. Good attitude  – check. Fabulously smashing frock? – check! Yes, that was the works. Beaming a smile, she turned and skipped out the door, into the noise of the city.

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12 thoughts on “Check!

  1. I just purchased your pattern from Liberty Jane Patterns, I do hope you will add more patterns in the future. Thanks so much, your designs are beautiful! I love the look of finish inside and out, for I am a highly detailed person, so detailed that I use french seams on all of the pillowcases I make for my grandchildren, their friends, and neighbor kids.

    • Oh, then with your eye for detail you will probably like making up this pattern 😀 And yes, we do intend to add more designs in the future!
      Be sure to let us know how it works for you — we’d love to see photos of your finished dress!
      Melinda and Melody

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