the Coppery Delights dress

When I designed this dress, I knew it had to be a new twist on classiness that you just can’t find at the store. And at the same time, it had to be elegant. I sketched out my ideas, revising as I went along. The classy bit was easy–just start with a bodice, reminiscent of the classic oxford. And of course, all oxfords have cuffs and collars. But for the twist? Originally, I was hoping for pointed cuffs and collars. The cuffs worked splendidly, but when I made the collar up for the first time, it just looked like a bandanna. And a bandanna was not what I had in mind at all! So in the end, I opted for the tiny mandarin collar–just enough collar to finish off the classic look, without overpowering the rest of the dress.

In the skirt department of the world, I knew this drop-waist bodice would need a long, full accompaniment almost before I began sketching. Accordingly, that’s what it got. But the dress still looked a little bare. Aha, I thought, a sash! And in the bow that accompanies nearly every sash, there’s infinite scope for innovation. I put this one slightly off-center, for dynamic interest, and then based it around a smooth silver ring. It helped tie together the tailored aspect of the dress more beautifully than I had anticipated.

Then I went fabric shopping. And O! what I found there sealed the fate of this dress. When I found the skirt fabric, I knew I had a winner. Copper threads one way, black the other–and with a gentle drape and flow, perfect for people my scale! It was really fabulous fabric. Then I found the lovely white silk duppioni for the bodice. Everything was going beautifully until I went to find buttons for the cuffs. As you will probably know if you’ve ever tried looking for miniscule buttons, there are not that many on the market. I found some that were small enough, but they were rather boring. I mean, how interesting can little white plastic circles be?

Then I looked across the aisle–and there they were! Sparkly, petite and full of pizazz, little glass rhinestones in silver settings winked at me. I knew then that they were the ones to finish off this dress.

So, that’s the story of the Coppery Delights dress. I hope you get your chance to own one and enjoy it for all your special nights out.


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