the Fall Colors dress

I suppose it doesn’t take much guessing to figure out why we called this dress the ‘Fall Colors’! The vibrant hues from this season are some of my favorites, so I wanted to make a dress to commemorate the flaming beauty of fall.

I began with brown wool. Wool is, after all, quite warm (perfect for those outdoor strolls in the briskly cool weather), and brown is the color of tree trunks and branches. Then I added red and orange silk. I’ve always loved the ways these colors combine, and during fall, their vibrancy and clarity are at their best.

Originally my idea for this dress was to make it a sort of Edwardian Walking dress–very fancy, with real embroidery, Shakespearean sleeves, and a full orange lining. But reality caught up to me, and I decided it would probably be a better idea to modernize my idea a little. (I stuck with the luxurious silk lining, however.)

The end result is still quite a feminine dress. The pleated skirt adds charm and practicality, and the sleeves are the blousy, romantic type. And who could mistake the bright orange bow at the waistline for anything but girly?


You have to unzip the back to see one of my favorite touches from the whole season, though. Melinda traced a leaf she’d found, cut it out of red silk (the same stuff as the sash and cuff bindings) and machine appliqued it onto the lining. I thought it extremely clever. Beauty inside as well as outside, right?



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