Statement in Taffeta

statement in taffeta 081This was the last dress Melody and I designed for this year’s Fall/Winter line, and it went through several stages before we finally were happy with the result. statement in taffeta 087


Initially, I’d envisioned a neo-Victorian gown, with slight undertones of the Renaissance. I gave it long, straight sleeves with little white chiffon puffs on top. And then, around the neck, the tiniest hint of a chiffon frill.  Slightly historical and very elegant— what could be better?

statement in taffeta 078I charged ahead with the sewing and finished one bodice before I realized, to my chagrin, that my design looked suspiciously like a little girl’s costume, and not at all like the sophisticated creation I’d imagined! 


Clearly, it was time for a new direction. But what?statement in taffeta 050 

I lay in bed that night, thinking of the dress; there were so many things I still loved about it—the lines in the bodice and the fullness of the skirt, for example—so I didn’t want to start over completely! But what could I do to add some drama? Suddenly, it hit me: cut off one of the shoulder straps, and replace it with an angular, gathered shoulder bow!

statement in taffeta 066The dress still needed something, though—it felt a bit unbalanced. So Melody suggested a half-belt of the same white silk duppioni. I stitched it on, and voilà! The Statement in Taffeta was born. It has all the loveliness of the original idea, with its own dash of sophistication and flair. Melody and I are both delighted with how it came out!



10 thoughts on “Statement in Taffeta

  1. Wow. What an amazing dress! I can’t believe how well this turned out, and I love the gathered shoulder bow and Melody’s suggestion of a half-belt. The blue of this dress is stunning!

    • Hello Savannah,

      Thank you for your interest in this dress! Unfortunately, they’re all sold out. We hope you’ll be able to find something you like just as much in one of our future collections!

    • Hi Emily, thanks for your interest! Sadly, at this point, we can’t take on any new custom projects. 😦 We hope to have the pattern out for this dress at some point, though!

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