the Schoolgirl

schoolgirl 032I’ve forgotten exactly how Melinda and I designed this dress; I know it was during an after-dinner creative brainstorming session, but beyond that, all the specifics have escaped me. What I do know, however, is that once designed, I couldn’t get this dress out of my head—it was going to be a winner, and I knew it!schoolgirl 021

Originally, I thought it would be delightful to make it up in a pale blue wool. Why pale blue? I don’t know. I probably would have done it, too, except that I couldn’t find any blue wool at all at the fabric store! But when I got to the corduroy section, I almost immediately fell in love with this beautiful, blue-green fabric with a tiny, doll-sized wale.

schoolgirl 042It’s a very soft fabric, with nice body and an intriguing smell (yes, fabric really does smell sometimes!) This particular fabric has a gentle, pleasantly smoky undertone; Melinda thinks it’s the dye because the scent got stronger when we prewashed it and the fabric was wet! The scent has faded quite a bit now—you probably wouldn’t notice it unless you put your nose in the dress and sniffed, hard…

schoolgirl 015

Melinda and I found some nice unbleached muslin for the lining (it’s very soft, and matches the corduroy in theme and weight). For the drapey bow down the front, we used seam binding—it has fantastic texture, and  the color was great.  

schoolgirl 038

For the photoshoot, Lisette and I did most of the modelling; but at one point, we got Samantha and Kirsten in on the act and  just started playing school. It was loads of fun, and the photos turned out really well! If you get a chance to own & wear this dress, I hope you have as much fun with it as we did!


schoolgirl 063


12 thoughts on “the Schoolgirl

    • Libby,

      We have two more SchoolGirl dresses left, but it just looked like it was sold out last night because we only list one at a time on Etsy. If you do want to get one of them, we can make you up a reserved listing just for you!


    • Hi Quinlyn!
      (What a lovely name you have, by the way!)
      I can hardly believe it, but all four SchoolGirl dresses have already been sold! Thanks for your interest… I love this dress too and was very happy/sad to see it sold out so quickly!
      —Melody V.

  1. Alright, thank you, Melody! 🙂 And thank you for the compliment on my name! This dress must have been one of your best sellers ever! 😀 You are so kind and you make such beautiful clothes, so you just might see me placing an order someday! 🙂


    • Hi Camille!

      I wish I could say it would! I love this dress too. But it was a limited edition, so it’s sold out for good! Sorry… Hopefully there’ll be something in the Spring line next year that you’ll like just as well =)

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