Wintry Meadows

wintry meadows 052While on vacation this summer, we made a point to visit fabric shops. We only made it to one, but this particular shop was fabulous. It was chock full of gorgeous wools, silks, decorating fabrics, quilting cottons…you name it, they had a very nice selection of it! And when I found a bolt of dark green wool crepe I knew I had to buy some. It’s a gorgeous, wintery color, and the fabric has a lovely drape and weight. I knew it would make a fabulous dress.wintry meadows 017

When, in the sketching process, I found I’d designed a dress with a raised waistline and a gathered bodice, I knew this was the dress for this most wonderful of fabrics. They seemed like they were meant for each other!


wintry meadows 047Originally I’d sketched little puffs on the top of the sleeves, as well; but when I did a mock up I decided that much gathering just made the dress look silly, instead of sophisticated. Just gathering the lower edge of the bodice front and back was much prettier. Then I cut the skirt and sleeves on the bias—–that is, at 45 degrees instead of at 90 degrees—-so that they would drape and flow better.wintry meadows 061

I’m even happier with the finished dress than I was with the sketch and the fabric! It’s an elegant song in this wonderful fabric, and I’m sure you will love wearing it as much as Melody and Lisette do!

—Melindawintry meadows 035


14 thoughts on “Wintry Meadows

  1. This is a gorgeous dress…I love the simplicity and warmth…I wish I had one for myself (like as in human-sized!) LOL! Since when am I jealous of dolls?

  2. I really love this dress and the Ivy cape… but on etsy it says that it is sold out! Is it possible to reserve listings, or is there none left?

    • Hi Camille!

      Sorry to confuse you! We do have one Wintry Meadows dress left, and it should be up in the shop now (we’ve been listing only one copy at a time, which is awkward at times. We’re going to come up with a better plan in the future!). If you’d like the last dress, we’d be happy to put your name on it for you, or you could just go ahead and purchase it; either way is fine!


      • Since the Wintry Meadows dress was my favourite from the beginning (Although the Snowflake was my second favourite) I think it would be very nice of you to “reserve” it. I’m not sure how that works, though. I think also, my name on etsy is listed as “CJ”.

      • Hi Camille,
        I’ve just altered the Etsy listing so the title says ‘Reserved for Camille’, so whenever it’s convenient, this dress is all yours to purchase!

    • We usually raise the price a little bit on the last dress simply because it is the last one. All our dresses are limited editions, so the last one is a bit more valuable than the others.

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