the Crème de la Crème

Recently, we were playing around with some fabric trying to make a dress via draping — arranging the fabric directly into a dress shape, rather than first making a flat pattern.

After some twisting, pinning, cutting, and resewing, we’d made a dress! The underbodice was simple enough, content to twist around one arm and be done. The main dress, however, twisted over the other arm and cascaded down the back in a large, square train.

We loved the way this dress evoked both 1930’s movie star glamour and ancient Greece! Of course, we still had to find a suitable fabric to make it up in.

When we went shopping, we settled upon a buttery-soft silk charmeuse, with just enough color to make it slightly off-white. We loved how much drama using white was going to give this dress!

However, there was still the question of the train. Clearly, there was plenty of room for creativity; the question was, how to decorate such a lovely blank canvas?

Melody remembered an article she’d read a while back about using silk organza to create a poufed, bubble-like overlayer. We had some silk chiffon (which is much softer) hanging around, and I decided to use that to create the same effect. Because dolls are much smaller than people, a softer fabric is often more appropriate than a stiffer one, so I was confident it would work.

Then, to take the drama up a notch, we decided to hand-dye the chiffon overlayer. I got creative with the dyebath and carefully gradated the color, leaving the chiffon lighter at the top and striving for a darker, more intense shade at the bottom.

When we tacked the chiffon overlayer in place with Swarovski crystals, the effect was exactly what we’d hoped for — drama, luxury, and elegance with a vintage twist!



7 thoughts on “the Crème de la Crème

    • Hi Kenzie,
      If you’re interested in a dress similar to this one, please drop us an email at melodyvalerie (at), or ‘convo’ us on Etsy, and we can discuss it from there!
      Melinda and Melody

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