the Fashionably Late coat

I was shopping at Sew Expo last February and wandered into a booth of exotic fabrics. When I asked the saleslady about the types of material she had for sale, she mentioned that she had a mink cashmere.

Mink cashmere, I thought? I’ve never heard of such an incredible combination of fibers! So of course, I had to look. It was a silky soft fabric with a delicious sheen and gentle drape, a little thickness but not much bulk, and a subtle but definite nap.

I couldn’t resist the chance to try working with such a costly, luxurious fabric, so I purchased a yard and immediately began dreaming about what to do with it!

Clearly, it was destined for a coat — it was a bit too thick for a skirt or dress, and definitely warm enough for an outer layer. I remembered seeing a 1930’s evening coat in orange velvet with some really amazing lines, so I took its asymmetrical hemline and use of angled seams as my inspiration, and ran!

 After hours of tweaking, I had the pattern just right. The collar dances from a point in the back, around the shoulders, to a “V” in front; the side seams swoop towards the front for a smooth fit; and in the back, the Melody Valerie Couture bow finishes the look! Three buttons and bias tape loops close the coat, and the weighted flounce hangs beautifully.

After months of waiting, the mink cashmere was finally a coat. I really enjoyed getting to work with such an amazing, luxurious, costly fabric, and we were all very pleased with the finished result! Here’s hoping you all enjoy it as much as we do!



3 thoughts on “the Fashionably Late coat

  1. I love the luxurious, unique look of this! The colors blend and balance each other out perfectly – and the buttons are a splendid touch.

  2. This is beautiful. My mom and I decided to look up the price of Mink Cashmere (five hundred dollars for five yards, basically one hundred dollars per yard), which turned out to be very costly, which really adds to the luxury! Gorgeous as always.

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