the Hostess dress

Like so many of our dresses, the Hostess began when we fell in love with a piece of fabric! In this case, it was an emerald green silk charmeuse — soft, supple, and very shiny.

Originally, I thought we’d just use the charmeuse by itself; it was definitely pretty enough! But when Melody found a silk chiffon, I began to think differently. It had green threads one way and yellow another, with hints of blue. When we put it over the charmeuse, the effect was stunning, and I knew we had to use the two fabrics together.

I designed a simple dress, to best showcase the beauty of the fabric. It has a curving waistline (higher in front, dipping down in the back) and a very full gathered skirt.

For a touch more detail, I added an extra seam at the shoulder; instead of one seam at the top, there are two seams, one on the front and one on the back. This gives a bit more interest without changing the fit.

Then, to pull out the gold overtones of the fabric, Melody put a narrow gold ribbon all around the waist and tied it in our signature bow at either side.

But the dress still needed some sparkle. Samantha rummaged through our drawers of trim and found some lovely vintage jewelry — the perfect finishing touch!


3 thoughts on “the Hostess dress

  1. Love this dress! I wanted it so much but I didn’t get a chance to auction on it. Lucky for those people who got the dress!

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