When we found this lovely green wool gabardine, our first thought was “Ah! a scarf!” So we took it home, and that was how the Elinor began.

MelodyWe quickly paired it with this lovely striped silk. Green and gold is such a delicious, classic combination! Then we stitched them together into a long, narrow scarf and folded the ends over, origami-style. We love the elegant little points!

Finally, Melody thought of some Czech glass buttons we’d recently acquired — they’re gold, with just a hint of sparkle, perfect for the Elinor. We stitched one on one point, then worked up a little Melody Valerie bow for the other point. Now that’s an elegant scarf!


One thought on “Elinor

  1. The Elinor… Where shall I begin? The Czech glass buttons add JUST the right amount of whimsy, but are perfectly counterbalanced with a clear shimmer. The little bow is just stunning, as it is just a wonderful accent to the button! The scarf is overall wonderful, but I wish I was there to buy one before they were all gone… 😦

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