Way back in October, I was sketching hat shapes. The trick with any pattern is to try to find a way to turn flat fabric into three dimensions — and heads are so nearly spherical that it’s an exciting challenge to find ways to make the fabric curve that much!

Melody So what if it was the right size at the front, I asked Melody, and gathered to fit around the back? I sketched out what I thought it would look like, then mocked it up. We were delighted with the results! Thanks to the gathers, the little mockup hat molded itself around Melody’s head beautifully.

The hardest part was trying to decide which fabric to use. Such a charming design promised to look good in so many colors… In the end, we settled on a green wool brim, along with a striped silk outer layer. For lining, we pulled a rich gold sateen from our stash. Then we topped the whole concoction off with a bow made from sumptuous satin-back velvet ribbon. Ah. Charming bonnet? Achieved!


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