the Signature

This scarf is the result of a little verbal brainstorming we did together. I knew this soft tencel knit had to be a scarf — but what kind? Myrna suggested pairing it with a softly shining silver shirting. Originally, we thought some bias accents would be nice, or better yet, some little raw-edge flowers to adorn one end.

MelodyBut none of that was to be. When we’d cut the tencel into long, straight strips, I started thinking about what kind of bow this scarf would need. And before you could say ‘Melody Valerie’, I’d reverse-appliqued one on!

Everybody was thrilled with the results. It was refreshingly graphic, uncluttered, tasteful, and out-of-the-ordinary, all at the same time. We went ahead and finished the scarves, adding a small band of silver at the opposite end. The best name for it? The Signature. After all, it’s all about the bow!


One thought on “the Signature

  1. That bow just takes my heart away… It’s hard to not fall for this scarf! I agree with you, it’s a “refreshingly graphic, uncluttered, and tasteful” scarf! It could make any Americn Girl doll feel like a classy adult in no time at all!

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