The Holly Coat

We made a version of this coat last year for Yeva, as part of a custom order. But we loved the styling so much that we simply had to make it again!

And of course, once we got the idea to make it out of red wool, there was no going back on the idea. Red wool is such a cheerful thing for a coat, don’t you think?

Since, obviously, the red fabric was the most important part of this design, it was the first thing we looked for. When Melody and I hit the wool section, we found this coating in just the right shade of red. We were thrilled!

Of course, we still had to get lining fabric and buttons, and on our trip to Fabric Depot we found both. The lining is a gorgeous cotton-silk blend, in a deep gold color; it’s fabulous to work with and feels amazing to hold. (And Melody says it’s really quite pleasant as a lining!)



Then came the buttons. Red wool, at least to Melody and I, seems to beg for shiny brass buttons, so we knew we wanted something gold-toned. When we found these buttons, we knew they were perfect. Little, detailed anchors hearkened back to traditional peacoats, and since they are Dill Buttons, they are plated in real gold! How exciting is that?

Finally, we couldn’t forget about the bow. In this case, we opted for a very demure little number tied in silk ribbon and stitched to the inside back of the coat, right were a tag would go.

We are all so very pleased with the result! The four working buttonholes make us especially happy — the buttons just slide right into and out of them, and it’s such a tidy finish to the coat!

We hope you all get a chance to wear and enjoy this coat! We’re sure it will become one of your wintertime favorites!



7 thoughts on “The Holly Coat

  1. Gorgeous coat, the color is perfect for Christmastime! It’s my favorite piece that you don’t sell anymore.

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