The Ivy Cape

Of course, since we had a little red coat as part of our holiday line this year, what could be more natural than to have a little green cape to go along with it?

We did some research to get ideas for ways to make the  back of the cape interesting, and found this original online through the Metropolitan Museum in New York (

We really loved how the back of the hood was gathered onto a single small spot, so we decided to incorporated that into our final design. It would be an easy way to make sure the hood could drape around the doll’s face as gently and gracefully as we wanted!

Then, to form the body of the cape, we gathered the main pieces to the hood just above the shoulders. It gives the whole piece a very luxurious feel.

For the lining, we used the same type of fabric that we’d used to line the Holly Coat (that particular cotton/silk blend is fast becoming one of our favorites, since it does its job so well!) but this time we purchased it in a gorgeous, clear, silver. It really shows off the beauty of the gathers.

Buttons and loops seemed an appropriate way to close the cape; after all, the whole idea of a cape smacks of old-world charm, and buttons and loops are elegant without being quite as modern as, say, snaps, or perhaps even hooks and eyes.

We found some really lovely buttons: off-white pearly centers with highly detailed settings. They provide just the right amount of contrast to the larger, more flowing lines of the rest of the cape.

For the finishing touch, we took a bit of white silk ribbon and then dipped it ever-so-briefly into a bath of black dye. The result was just the perfect shade of silver to go with the rest of the cape! We tied it into a bow and stitched it onto the back of the cape: voila!

We all hope you get your chance to wear and enjoy the old-world charm of the Ivy Cape this winter!



5 thoughts on “The Ivy Cape

    • Camille,

      Lisette really likes this cape with the Coppery Delights dress (after all, that’s what she got to wear for the photoshoot!). But it would go just as well with any number of other dresses — the Statement in Taffeta, definitely, or the Crimson Bouquet dress, or perhaps even the Fall Colors dress! And of course it would look fabulous over your favorite Little Black Dress, if you’ve got one.


  1. So elegant! Like Brooke said, it does remind me of Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. I guess I do love Harry Potter too much…anyway, I love the colors! The off-white pearly buttons are stunning!

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