delicate fashion for the contemporary doll.

When I first had the idea for this dress, I imagined it with mid-length sleeves and a very full skirt — rather like the shaped tunics, bliauts, of the twelfth century. To provide fit and design interest, I mentally added long, slender tucks all down the center front.  

When it came time to do the mock-up, I stitched the tucks in the center panel and assembled most of the dress. Then, I put it on Melody to see how it was working. (I hadn’t put in either the sleeves or the skirt extensions yet.)

We were all astonished at how beautiful it looked! At that point, I decided not to bother with the sleeves — why mess with a good thing? The long, vertical lines were so flattering by themselves that adding sleeves would just be superfluous.

To match the understated elegance of the dress, I decided a delicate bow was in order. I cut a small length of silk ribbon and tied it around the zipper pull, stitching it to keep it in place. Perfect!

The Cecily obviously wasn’t a bliaut, at least not as I’d first imagined it. But it’s such a flattering, completely modern dress that none of us here are complaining. We hope you love it too!


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