the Alice in Candyland dress



The Alice in Candyland dress began during what I like to call a serious brainstorm session. I needed to come up with a lot of ideas, so I just sat down with a stack of paper and started drawing. When I’d got to  my thirtieth or fortieth sketch, I stopped and looked over the results.aliceincandyland-041 Because I was just trying to get ideas out without judging them, I had drawn some pretty wild dresses. But this one, along with a couple others, were really cute. I just knew it had to be a part of the spring line! Then, when I went fabric shopping,  I found this fabulous pink plaid. Oh, but I was excited! aliceincandyland-127


It’s terribly cute, as you can see, and the scale is small enough that it doesn’t overwhelm us dolls. And the hint of pink on a mostly white background gave it a fresh, clear take on a traditionally girly color. aliceincandyland-026

The end result? It has to be one of my favorite dresses yet! The full muslin lining makes it very soft and comfortable, and the style is extremely easy-to-wear. It goes everywhere—from fabric shopping to lunch meetings to grabbing a cupcake with my friends, this dress is appropriate for all your summer adventures!


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