the Dainty Dots dress


This lovely sundress also had its beginning in the major brainstorm that birthed the Alice in Candyland dress.  However, it was destined to be a more ladylike dress from day one. High waists are very elegant, and the little details make it much more delicate than the Alice in Candyland dress. I found a beautiful yellow cotton with tiny white dots, and knew it would work beautifully.

daintydotsphotos-006I stitched the shoulder straps and gathered them into position, feeling sure I had a winner. Finally the dress itself was finished. But I still hadn’t decided what kind of a bow it needed. I put the dress aside for a while (sometimes that’s the best thing to do with a project daintydotsphotos-021you don’t understand) and came back to it later. Suddenly I knew! Silk ribbon, the kind used in embroidery, would make a fabulous bow. It’s a very delicate kind of ribbon, quite light and narrow and very responsive to any sewing or tying. And it came in a gorgeous butter yellow to match the dress. daintydotsphotos-0551

What could be better?

I tied up a small bow and laid it on the dress. Alone, both of them were pretty but rather unremarkable; together, they sang a lovely aria. What better way to end a dress?


3 thoughts on “the Dainty Dots dress

    • Hello Sam,
      This dress was a limited-edition from last year’s Spring Line, and unfortunately it’s sold out. However, we’re hard at work on this year’s Spring Line, and hope you’ll find something you like once that is released!

  1. My sister was never into doll couture, but this was her favorite of all the dresses I showed her. She wishes they still had it, but little does she know I just bought a new Spring Line dress!

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