the Precocious Party dress

precociouspartygreen-132This dress is all about ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles, with a lot of fun asymmetry to go along! I’d bought some wonderful pink fabric at Sew Expo, intending it for one design, but when I got it home I realized the color was far too lively and vivacious for my original design. So it was back to the drawing board for me!precociouspartydress-017


Fortunately,  the liveliness in the pink meant it was easy to design the dress it should become. This dress needed to have a lot of personality, and what better way to do it than by asymmetric seams and lots and lots of ruffles!

precociouspartydress-037So that I wouldn’t have to disrupt the center back seam with a zipper, I chose to have it fasten over the shoulder seams with snaps. This makes it a ‘step into’ dress, and quite easy for your doll to put on herself. I also added a sash for a bit of extra flair (and a neater fit around the waist.)






But I had a problem. Suddenly the cream ribbon I’d bought didn’t seem to match as well as I thought it would. So Samantha (brilliant girl that she is) recommended stitching down the sides of the ribbon with matching thread. Suddenly the two blended like never before!precociouspartygreen-020

Then, to spice things up a bit (and also because I’d only bought enough fabric to make two pink dresses) I ran out to the fabric store and picked up enough soft cotton to make two more dresses, only this time in a vibrant and exciting green! (The photos make it look rather minty, but in real life it’s a lovely grassy color.) Melinda cut and stitched one, and I was thrilled with the results. Lisette looked fabulous in it, and I’m sure there are lots of other dolls out there who will, too!precociouspartygreen-057


All the dolls here agreed it was a lot of fun to wear (and it definitely passed the twirl test!) So get on out there and dance the night away!


4 thoughts on “the Precocious Party dress

    • Actually, we sold out of this dress last summer, so it won’t be coming back next year. =( But we’ve got some new designs for next year’s spring line that we hope you’ll like just as much when they come out!

  1. What beautiful dresses! I have seen people’s dolls in these dresses and they look stunning! Fantastic party dresses!

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