the Summer Breezes dress

summerbreezes-054Of course, I’m very fond of all the dresses that go into our biannual collections, but this one is one of my all-time favorites! Every time I look at it I just feel cool and refreshed.



Like the Precocious Party Dress, this dress also started with the fabric. I’d had this gorgeous soft blue rayon blend sitting around for quite a while, just waiting for the perfect dress to come along. And come along it did. Melinda was browsing the Internet one day, looking at vintage patterns. She found this one really cute 1920’s-esque dress, complete with drop waist and a double layer flounced skirt.

I didn’t like the giant tie around the neck, so we scrapped that, but Melinda and I both loved the double flounces. It had to be sleeveless, we decided, and when Samantha said it looked like  a dress you’d wear to catch the summer breezes, we jumped, and the Summer Breezes dress was born!

summerbreezes-073Originally I was thinking we’d just do it in solid blue. But when it came time to put in the lining, Melinda pointed out that it seemed a little excessive to line the bodice in the fashion fabric. It’s pretty thick, after all, and doubling it would make the bodice unduly hot. So instead I ran out and got some  muslin. It was white, though, not blue, and on my way home I began to think that maybe the dress would be better with a few white accents.

summerbreezes-007Melinda agreed with me, and we cut the muslin into long strips of bias tape. We bound the lower edges of both flounces and then finished the look with a giant white bow on one side. We both loved the finished result. It was dramatic, refreshing and oh-so-very Melody Valerie!




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