Mint Vivacity

This dress was destined to be green; in fact, the original inspiration for it was green striped shirting! I’d also just been looking at 1840’s bodices (which explains the v-lined front and wide neckline); however, the overall effect is almost exotic — Sophia thinks it looks South American. Lisette agrees — she says it passes the twirl test, so if fancy dancing is your game, this might be the dress for you!

As we started exploring ways to make stripes, I thought it might be fun to try ‘inventing’ some by stitching ribbon onto the main fabric in lines. I got even more excited when I realized I could do a monochromatic scheme with green! 

Then, on an expedition to find some of the perfect ribbon for the Polichinelle dress, I came across this delightful, solid green chambray (it has white threads woven in one direction and vibrant green in the other, which makes for some great detail).  Suddenly I knew that ribbon stripes were the way to go.

From that point on, we proceeded to have fun figuring out how best to put the ribbons on. We used green silk ribbon (which has a fabulous sheen) and white grosgrain (for the texture; it looks ribbed, which tones down the silk and makes it work really well with the more day-wear oriented chambray.) Then, once the ribbons were on, we also did a little bit of topstitching; tiny stripes to go along with the big ones!

Finally, after sewing the pieces together, lining the bodice, and putting in the zipper, only the bow was left. We’d bound the armholes in white muslin, so stitching little white ribbon bows over the shoulders made the perfect finishing touch for this vivacious, spunky party dress.


4 thoughts on “Mint Vivacity

  1. Gosh, I really wanted this dress! I found the four new dresses a half hour after they were released, and they were already sold out!

  2. I know what you mean, Inky and Claire! I missed this dress as well. It was my favorite from the Spring Line.

    The color-scheme is great, green is one of my favorite colors and all the different shades work great. The whole look of this dress is lovely, I can’t even describe how much I love it!

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