Stripes Ahoy!

Last summer, during one of the many brainstorming sessions about this year’s spring line, we decided we wanted to try making a dress that didn’t need a zipper.

So we designed a cute little smock dress with a belt. It buttons over the shoulders, so that you can get into and out of it; then, the twisted belt around the waist holds the smock in position, as well as looking cute!  

Then, in the sketch, Melody and I drew in stripes.  I don’t remember why exactly we wanted stripes (but since we’ve both always loved them, I guess it’s not too surprising!) And I knew it had to be a blue and white stripe — there is just nothing quite like the freshness of those two colors together. Suddenly the whole design began to take on a decidedly nautical flair, and next to the sketch Melody wrote: “Stripes Ahoy!” (Yes, some dresses do almost name themselves!)

A bit later in the summer, I found myself at Fabric Depot. And of course, I looked for the blue and white striped fabric of my dreams. Since blue and white is a classy combination, I figured it should be fairly easy to find a nice cotton shirting to do the job.

Thanks to Fabric Depot’s impressive selection, I was not disappointed! On one of the many, many racks of fabric was a bolt of cloth labelled ‘Fine Italian Shirting’ — and it was the perfect shades of blue and white. Detailed blue stripes ran the length of the cloth, delicately woven, and I knew I’d found the perfect fabric.

When I returned home, Melody discovered that there was a small bit of blue silk in our stash that matched almost exactly. That made for an easy decision — without any extra shopping, we had the perfect accent fabric!

I’d found some lovely buttons to grace the shoulder straps; pearly white with a twisted gold rim, they made the perfect way to close the shoulders.

We’re all quite happy with the finished result. It’s classy, elegant — and closes without a zipper! What could be better?

Here’s to all your summertime nautical adventures,



3 thoughts on “Stripes Ahoy!

  1. I love the colors of this dress! I love the twisted sash and the buttons! The blue of this dress brings out Kirsten’s eyes.

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