Sweet Darling

The Sweet Darling dress — a charming confection created in a soft, seersucker plaid. When we found this fabric during our outing to Fabric Depot last September, we knew it would make a beautiful dress. The scale was perfect — not too large, but large enough not to get lost on the doll.  Then, of course, the next step was to play with this fabulous plaid! It had such design potential. We quickly settled on pleating it into a sort of  ‘stripes’, and we were quite pleased with the results. The bodice has one large ‘stripe’ formed by pleating out some of the largest pink bits, while the skirt is pleated into long columns of pink.

Then came the difficult question of lining; we could use self-fabric, as we sometimes do, but in this case it seemed wiser to go with a solid option. After carefully examining all the solid colors of cottons available at the fabric shop, we settled on a beautiful baby-blue; it was soft enough for the overall timbre of the dress and pulled out the little hints of turquoise blue in the plaid just perfectly. 

Did we mention that the Sweet Darling is a wrap dress? Silly us, to forget to mention such an important thing! We have always wanted to make a wrap dress — it’s such an elegant, simple way to close a dress, but up to this point nothing had seemed quite right. With the Sweet Darling, however, the simplicity of the wrapped style allows the beauty of the fabric to shine! All the closures required are a little hook and eye on the inside of the dress, and a ribbon tie (which becomes the Melody Valerie signature bow).

All in all, we hope you and your doll get a chance to experience the charm of the Sweet Darling dress. We think you’ll be pleased!



3 thoughts on “Sweet Darling

  1. This would look best on my Gwen. I love the sweet, girly look to this dress! The plaid reminds me of the Alice in Candyland dress from last year.

  2. I agree with Claire, I love the sweet look of this dress (and the fact that it would look lovely on Gwen, or any doll with similar coloring. Really, it would look amazing on any doll!)

    Anyways, the wrap-style is great, and the fabric is amazing! I love the lining and hints of blue.

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