the Enchanted Forest

Anything could happen in an Enchanted Forest — especially when you’re wearing a dress like this one!

I’ve always wanted to try making an adjustably-gathered skirt. So, when I came across this fabric (which is light, drapable and just the right weight for doll wear) it seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up!

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First, Melody and I sketched out a bodice with multiple seaming details, so that the top of the dress would have some interest as well as the bottom. We then split the skirt into multiple panels — that way, it looked better with the design of the bodice, as well as allowing us more seams to gather!

When we’d sewn all the French seams in the skirt, Melody had to try it on. It looked great just as a long, ankle-length dress. It was at that point we realized we could have it both ways — if we made the mechanism correctly, we could either leave the skirt long or tie it up short!

And that is exactly what we did. After some careful thinking, Melody and I figured out how to make the mechanism work either way! We’re quite pleased with the result. We love the way it lets your doll change the style of skirt to match her mood as she adventures through the forest — and I’m happy that I’ve finally made an adjustably gathered skirt!

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