the UltraMarine

 Ultramarine is, of course, a kind of deep, almost purply blue. But when it came time to name this dress, we thought calling it ‘ultramarine’  was apt even though this dress is more of a light, clear blue. You see, it’s a bit trendy as well as being very well suited to the beach and other water-y environments — and if you break up the word — ultra+marine — it’s almost as if you’re saying this dress is absolutely ideal for the seaside!

We found the fabric for this dress back in March, when we went to Sew Expo, at a fabulous little booth chock-full of gorgeous, unusual fabrics. I was immediately drawn to this linen’s two-color scheme, as well as its weight and drape.

Linen’s usually quite good at holding a crease, and this particular fabric is no exception. Since this makes gathers more difficult, we went for a smooth, fitted bodice and a pleated skirt.

It was quite fun to press the pleats! The linen seemed very eager to please;  it stayed pleated almost perfectly throughout the entire photoshoot (and the handwashing afterwards!)

Making the braided shoulder straps was also fun. Melody and I thought (almost at the last minute) that we should give it a try, just to see what would happen. It was a great success — at least, we think so!

Delightful fabric + cute styling + lots of little white accents = ultra + marine!

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