the Yacht Club

It was probably a good year and a half ago that we first found (and bought) the fabric  for this dress. We were out scouring shops far and wide for the perfect kind of ribbon for a custom order — and then I saw this fabric.

True, I’d seen striped seersuckers before. But this one had tiny, doll-sized stripes — and it was such a lovely shade of periwinkle blue! I snagged it, knowing that someday it would become a dress in its own right.





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So, it sat waiting quietly in the cupboard until a few months ago, when someday finally came.


By that point, I’d found several other wonderful fabrics in similar shades of blue, and it quickly became clear that they were destined for our next collection. Melody and I thought about each fabric carefully, handling each one and trying to decide what kind of dress each one should become.

Given the crisp but lightweight nature of the seersucker, we sketched up a design we thought would work perfectly — a little shirtdress with slim, tailored seams. Classy, elegant, but definitely summery.





However, every shirtdress needs buttons. We hunted around a bit, but didn’t find any at our favorite local haunts that would do the job just right. So we turned to the Internet — and before very long, we’d found some lovely mother-of-pearl buttons. They’re square, with cross-hatched etching; but the holes are drilled on the diagonal. We were thrilled!

We stitched the buttons evenly down the front placket, putting a snap beneath each one for easy use. (Buttonholes can get extremely obstreperous when they are that tiny, and the snaps turned out to be a much more elegant solution.)

Finally, all that was left was to stitch our signature bow inside the collar. The beautiful striped seersucker had ended its days as a piece of cabinet yardage, only to begin a new story as the elegant, crisply tailored Yacht Club dress.


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