I still don’t know where we got this idea. But there it was in my sketchbook: a little, feminine aviator-esque cap.

MelodyYears ago, I made a hat from a vintage pattern — it had three pieces, shaped rather like concentric rainbows, that were stitched together to make a little head-hugging cap. Now, I thought, would be a great time to pull that idea out and re-use it. After a little fiddling, I succeeded in making a similar pattern for dolls. I added an extra panel at the front, since I wanted a bit more head coverage, and then I moved one of the seams to add a little dynamic interest.

When I found a deliciously soft faux shearling at the fabric store, I knew we were all systems go! It was just the right blend of cozy, feminine, and fur all at the same time. For a further softening touch, we added silk ribbon ties. The mental, inspiration hat I was referencing in my head had leather ties, but I wanted to be sure our version was soft and approachable, rather than tough and outdoorsy.

Melody For a final touch, we crafted a bow out of some lovely cotton sateen ribbon and stitched it firmly to the side. We love the finished blend of raw / refined, nostalgia / modern. And we’re thrilled with how undeniably, femininely charming it is!


One thought on “Amelia

  1. I am just yearning for this hat! It reminds me of taking a sleigh ride through a wintry meadow on my way to a “getaway” cabin. Not that I would have known that from personal experience!

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