For a little change…

Normally, it’s all about dresses here at Melody Valerie Couture.

But, last night, while we were browsing the internet looking for photos of cloche hats, we found this photograph:

It was taken in 1913 by a Frenchman, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, and the car is racing in the 1913 French Grand Prix. The sense of motion in the photo really captured our attention — the way that nearly everyone, and everything, is tipped one way or the other, moving somewhere. And, what’s not to love about a good grayscale color scheme? =) Plus the danger and adventure of early car racing (apparently the 1913 Grand Prix was marked by two tragic crashes — but that didn’t stop the sport!)

Aah. Now that we’ve done “Voyages”, maybe one of our next collections should be “Means of Transportation”! (Because, you’d never guess, but we like photos of old airplanes, too…)

–Melinda and Melody

PS– photo from the Met Museum; click on the picture or this link to visit its page!