Surprises for Wintertime

Hooray for winter!

Well, of course, it isn’t winter yet—not by any stretch of the imagination, and definitely not at the MVC studio, as the weather is only just starting to get really cold.  But we like to think ahead, and these beautiful fall days make us think of Christmastime, and snow, and New Years’, hot chocolate, spiced cider, rosy cheeks… there are so many things we love about winter! And to celebrate this wonderful season,

we are going to have a small Christmas line this year!

We’re hoping to make it available for sale sometime in mid-November—that way you can enjoy our new surprises before, during, and after the magic of the holidays! We think they’ll be lovely… and hope you’ll think so too!

—Melody & Melinda


7 thoughts on “Surprises for Wintertime

  1. Oh, I’m so excited! I’m happy business seems to be going well for you. It should be, with such beautiful, well made clothes!

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